Our lashes contribute to our overall look more than we think.  In order to achieve great lashes we must care for them properly.

After spending months working with lashes and asking my clients their lash care routines I started to see where people were making mistakes (including myself).

So, I decided to change a few things in my daily routine and it has made a big difference in the appearance of my lashes.

Below are my rules and tips regarding lash care.  These rules and tips are for lash obsessed people like me who want to have the best natural lashes as possible and are willing to be consistent. Please note that it will take a few weeks before seeing results, so don’t give up!!!!

Rule #1 Never use waterproof mascara unless absolutely necessary for an event.  Waterproof is drying for the lash and is extremely hard to remove which will aid in the breakage of the very fine tips of the lashes.


Tip: You want to preserve the tips of your lashes by all means possible because that will help to give you the most length.


Rule#2  It’s always best to use oil based eye makeup remover.  If using an oil-free remover be sure to nourish the lash with some type of oil at least twice a week. 


Tip: Brittle, dry lashes are prone to breakage. Oil will help keep the lash flexible and healthy.


Rule#3 Stop using makeup wipes to remove eye makeup (Guilty). These are most likely cold and the fibers of the cloth like to grab your lashes. They can pull out a full lash and easily break the fragile tips right off.


Tip: Use a hot water washcloth on your eyes to melt the mascara before applying the eye makeup remover. Then apply remover by rubbing gently (I use Johnson’s baby oil gel or Lancôme Bi-facil) in an upwards motion. Then apply fresh hot water washcloth to melt it all away.  


Finally, use a Lash Growth Serum. My recommendations are Latisse, Rodan + Fields, Babe Lash and GrandeLash.  Currently these are the only brands I have seen to show consistent results with numerous clients.  One brand of serum may not work for everyone, so you’ll have to find which serum fits you best.